What makes Glowe Industries different?

Hint: It’s all about an insane focus on quality materials, start to finish.

1. The quality of copper matters

Let’s start at the beginning. When making FCB (Flexible circuit board – the actual “strip” the LEDs are on) there are a lot of options. Glowe Industries? We went with rolled annealed copper.
Rolled annealed copper after heat treatment has a much larger contact surface area than electrodeposited copper. Also? After undergoing heat treatment, rolled annealed copper becomes flexible like a wire, where as ED copper is brittle and breaks easily.
This is one of the reasons why Glowe Industries underglow is so durable.

ED Copper is brittle, and has a porous surface.
Rolled annealed copper is flexible like a wire.

2. The amount of copper matters

Standard LED tape? It’s using what is referred to as “1oz” copper. Glowe Industries? We use 2oz copper standard on all of our products.

5. Redesigned from the ground up

This isn’t just something we say. Did you know that the standard design for LED strips in use today was released almost 10 years ago?? Glowe Industries underglow kits use LED strips reimagined with components available in 2020. Just one of the many reasons our underglow stands apart in a crowd.

3. The PCB

We set out to revolutionize the game. Not only are we using 2oz rolled annealed copper, our PCB is double sided, as well. This gives our LED strips some serious current carrying abilities and allows us to use much higher current (see: brighter) LEDs than everyone else.

4. The LEDs (obviously)

If you line up a car with a Glowe Industries underglow kit, and underglow from anyone else? You’re going to hurt their feelings.
Glowe? We use Sanan Optoelectronics “Super-bright” LEDs with gold internal wiring. Other guys? They use aluminum internal wiring.

Seth Lowe

Seth Lowe

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