Build Your Underglowe


Select controller and base underglow kit. Please note, if no kit is selected your purchase will not include a controller or wiring.

Design it. Select the options you’re adding to your build.

Building something crazy?? Need even more than the standard installation accessories? Make sure you’re stocked up here.

Welcome to the build-your-underglow kit product page.  Here you will be able to customize your kit and add exactly the pieces you want, s well as see a brief description of each piece available in the builder.

Remember:  Glowe Industries kits are expandable by nature.  Even our standard Bluetooth control box is capable of controlling over 10 full kits worth of underglow – so you don’t have to worry about over-adding!

Just want to buy a basic underglow kit and be done with it?  You can still do that, here.


Standard Underglow – 6 pieces

Your quintessential underglow kit – taken next level with our super bright LEDs.  Music response lets your LEDs truly react to the music with dozens of selectable modes.  Hundreds of patterns like, “Fire”, and “Green Red Snake”.  Millions of colors.  Easy DIY installation.  You will be seen.


Advanced Underglow – 4-output Controller (6 underglow strips)

This is a 6 piece underglow kit that comes powered by our advanced four-zone controller.  Not as many available patterns as our standard controller, but with this kit you can integrate into your cars stock electronics and enable customizable reactions.

Plain English?  This will let you turn half of your car into a flowing amber comet (or any other color/pattern) when you use your turns signals.  Want your rear underglow strips to turn red when you brake?  This is the kit.

This underglow kit is more complex in nature than our standard underglow kit, and is not recommended for people who are uncomfortable tapping into their car’s stock electronics (including wiring to headlights/turn signals/dome lighting etc).  We are not responsible for any incidental damage or error codes caused by tapping into these wires.


Build Options

Upgrade front strips:
24″ – Upgrade from 18″ to 24″ front strips
36″ – Upgrade from 18″ to 36″ front strips

Upgrade Side Strips:
72″ – Upgrade from 60″ to 72″ side strips
78″ – Upgrade from 72″ to 78″ side strips

Add Grill Lighting:
(4) 12″ strips for your grill

Add Wheel Well/Glowe Rocks
(4) 18″ strips for your wheel wells

Add Interior Lights

(4) 12″ strips to light up the footwells of your car


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