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Your Camaro?  It would be sad with a run of the mill underglow kit.  This kit is made for your car to fit like a glove!

This kit comes with a total of 8 pieces, making sure there isn’t a dark spot left on your vehicle – from the extended sides, two piece front, even including underglow for behind each rear wheel.  Finish it off with a pair of strips the perfect length to fit between your dual exhaust.

Ever seen a normal underglow kit on a Camaro?  It shows..  Don’t be out of the box – get the Glowe for your car.


Why Glowe Industries?

*The Brightest LEDs!*
Our Underglow has (conservatively!) measured at over twice the output of our competitor’s kits.

*Durability. Durability. Durability.*
These LEDs were designed 100% with lasting longer than the car they’re being installed on in mind. Stomp them. Run them over. It doesn’t matter. They’re that type of solid.

Even with our most basic setups, any Glowe Industries setup can be added onto, nearly infinitely! You’re never stuck with what you have, needing to buy a completely new setup to add anything new.

100% of what we sell at Glowe Industries works with everything else that we sell. Want to chain some Halos off of your underglow? No problem. Want to use Glowe Rope with interior lights? Just plug them in.

*Redefining “Standard”*
Even our most basic setups include the same super-bright LEDs as everything else has. Even our most standard setup is COLOR CHASING and BLUETOOTH controlled. Did we mention everything is 12 volts? That’s right, NONE of our gear requires any power inverters or adapters. This is all designed with your car and ease of use in mind.

3 reviews for Custom Fit – Camaro

    Custom Fit - Camaro photo review
    Custom Fit - Camaro photo review
    Custom Fit - Camaro photo review
    Quis King
    November 16, 2022
    Omg I knew I made the right choice when I chose these lights. Just radiant ✨️. I love that it doesn't have to be completely dark outside before I can see the colors shine. I have gotten so many compliments while driving and parked people come up to me wanting to take pics of my car and it feels great. No over exaggeration here when I say these are the underglow Champs. Keep it up ♡3KINGS
    Shawn Peterson
    March 16, 2022
    Great fit. Wiring was easy
    Custom Fit - Camaro photo review
    Shawn Peterson
    March 16, 2022
    Easy install. Awesome lights. Best kit I've used so far
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