Glowe Hood – Add On – Color Chasing LEDs for your HOOD!


Make even the seams of your hood come alive with our ultra bright Glowe Industries LEDs.  Install these facing up, or directly onto your hood facing down for one of the newest, wildest looks in making your car Glowe.  This is an addon and integrates seamlessly into any existing Glowe Industries LED kit.

This is also a LOT of LED!  nearly an entire underglow kit – just for your hood area.  Woah.  Adding it to your existing kit?  Easy.  You can either daisy chain this addon right from the end of any existing strip, or simply run the inputs directly back to your Glowe Industries controller.  Nothing more to it.  It’s really that easy to achieve this look!

Three (3) 60in LED Strips
Three (3) Pairs of LED Strip Connectors


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