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The ultimate new lighting style

This is our new Glowe Rope!  What’s the easiest way to describe this stuff..?  Think, “Tron”, but color chasing.  This size comes in both WHITE and BLACK outer casing, allowing for the stealth look you want.  If you need something BRIGHT?  Look no further, this is powered by our new proprietary 168 LED/M format for the ultimate look.

Super flexible with a 6mm face that’s twice the size of our original Glowe Rope, but only 12mm thick.  This is the defacto for both internal and external accent lighting.

Make double halos around a stock diffuser.  Create ridiculous looks for Dodge Charger headlights  Create external halos for Challengers.

Outline your grill for a crazy new look.

Line your body panels with lighting never before imagined.

The best part?  No more 5v inverters or wiring harnesses needed.  This is 12 volts, and will work with any of our other products.  Want to run Glowe Rope on the same channel as our underglow?  Easy.  Want to link them with a halo for the ultimate headlight build?  No problem.

12 volts means you can also run more than previously possible without worrying about voltage drop.  Glowe Rope can easily handle 3 meter runs without needing any additional power inputs.

Technical Specs

Outer Dimensions:  6mm * 12mm

Color:  White or Black

Volts:  12

Color order:  R-G-B

LEDs/Meter: 168

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Why Glowe Industries?

*The Brightest LEDs!*
Our Underglow has (conservatively!) measured at over twice the output of our competitor’s kits.

*Durability. Durability. Durability.*
These LEDs were designed 100% with lasting longer than the car they’re being installed on in mind. Stomp them. Run them over. It doesn’t matter. They’re that type of solid.

Even with our most basic setups, any Glowe Industries setup can be added onto, nearly infinitely! You’re never stuck with what you have, needing to buy a completely new setup to add anything new.

100% of what we sell at Glowe Industries works with everything else that we sell. Want to chain some Halos off of your underglow? No problem. Want to use Glowe Rope with interior lights? Just plug them in.

*Redefining “Standard”*
Even our most basic setups include the same super-bright LEDs as everything else has. Even our most standard setup is COLOR CHASING and BLUETOOTH controlled. Did we mention everything is 12 volts? That’s right, NONE of our gear requires any power inverters or adapters. This is all designed with your car and ease of use in mind.


(1) 1 Meter, (2) .5 Meter, (2) 1 Meter


Black, White


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