Interior Glowe LED Kit – Bluetooth & Music


Do you want the best music response?  The brightest lights?  You’ve come to the right place.  This kit includes more than enough LEDs to make the inside of your car shine – we actually recommend turning down the brightness while driving!

This all in one kit comes with the wiring, mounting accessories, and our Glowe Chord Bluetooth controller with built in music response (as well as a 3.5mm input for finer tuning!)

What if you want more underglow in the future??

With this control box you can add on to your Glowe Industries Underglow/LED kits at any time by running new LEDs after the final strip, or even straight to the box for a second complete run of LEDs.

Four (4) 12in Glowe Industries LED Strips with 3M adhesive backing
Glowe Bluetooth LED Controller w/ Music Response
All necessary wiring and mounting supplies

Why Glowe Industries?

*The Brightest LEDs!*
Our Underglow has (conservatively!) measured at over twice the output of our competitor’s kits.

*Durability. Durability. Durability.*
These LEDs were designed 100% with lasting longer than the car they’re being installed on in mind. Stomp them. Run them over. It doesn’t matter. They’re that type of solid.

Even with our most basic setups, any Glowe Industries setup can be added onto, nearly infinitely! You’re never stuck with what you have, needing to buy a completely new setup to add anything new.

100% of what we sell at Glowe Industries works with everything else that we sell. Want to chain some Halos off of your underglow? No problem. Want to use Glowe Rope with interior lights? Just plug them in.

*Redefining “Standard”*
Even our most basic setups include the same super-bright LEDs as everything else has. Even our most standard setup is COLOR CHASING and BLUETOOTH controlled. Did we mention everything is 12 volts? That’s right, NONE of our gear requires any power inverters or adapters. This is all designed with your car and ease of use in mind.


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